About Us

The Bookie is a professional bookkeeping company that loves to help small business owners with the daunting task of managing their bookkeeping needs and overwhelming paperwork that goes with it. Jacqui, the owner and the face of the business welcomes new clients everyday in a friendly, courteous and professional manner.

She draws passion from each client she dedicates herself to and deems “no job to be too big or too small”. Shoe boxes or grocery bags filled with paperwork do not scare her. In fact, she welcomes them with open arms and loves the challenge of putting together the pieces of the puzzle and creating a tidy set of books for each individual client.

The past owner of a small manufacturing company, Jacqui knows the value of ensuring that books are kept up-to-date. Jacqui provides a concise and confidential service that is both affordable and professional.

Many of her existing clients depend on her continuous expertise and her “leave it with me” manner.

Jacqui continues to stay current in her field updating herself on new programs and changes that are implemented by CRA, HST and other regulatory bodies.

Jacqui’s resume highlights her vast experience in small business ownership, financial planning and diverse bookkeeping strategies. These qualities allow for solid relationships with her clients – giving insight to concerns one may experience if roles were reversed.